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More than believing in products and flavors, we believe in the capacity of founders who seek the new. We bet on entrepreneurs who balance ideas, processes and execution, in the constant search for success.


MG Foods operates in the food market, accelerating companies that offer different options from those you find out there. Products with private recipes and a careful preparation, designed to please the most demanding palates, are the key to the success of our efforts.
Created in 2017, the company is one of the main arms of the consolidated investment holding company Mg Corporation and soon became a reference in the market, becoming a seal of quality, innovation and guaranteeing the best use of all ingredients.






"Having Mg Foods as a troppo partner company takes us further. Marcelo Goldfarb's mentoring makes us reach new heights, create new modern procedures for our company and mainly makes us engage in a more professional way in the market. Our meetings are productive and the creative and management and governance processes improve every day.
Our company gains a new and large team, with qualified professionals, ready to help us at any time and any kind of question. Together we will grow even more and bring natural and quality food to the market."

Lucas Pelisoli


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